Anti-theft/Anti Carjack Alarm System

trigger and call security

TACS ALARM (Trigger And Call Security)

HE ORIGINAL AND PATENTED IN THE PHILIPPINES. Intellectual Property Office Reg. No. 2-2006-000528 



Mode 1 is for parked situation, TACS ALARM will call your cellphone, blast the horn and turns off the ignition automatically when there is unauthorized opening of the door, tampering or switching the ignition key, and in the case of motorcycles, if towed or carried. Not sensitive to sounds.  Eliminating false alarm.

Mode 2 is when driving.  In the event of carjacking (or agaw motor if installed in motorcycles) or for any reasons that you need to immobilize the engine of your vehicle, just call the TACS alarm provided number, using a cellphone or any landlines anywhere in the world.

Available for motorcycles, cars and suv's. 

Network tracking features can be used to this device. (Network Dependent)

Upgrade to Android Phone for GPS Capability (Optional)

Warranty: 3yrs.
Motorcycle Demo
Car Demo with Jessica Soho

You can choose what kind of set-up you want for your vehicle!

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